Innovating for your safety

Renault innovations to better support drivers.
Research and development - Renault
preventing accidents, our mission
Analysis of physical traffic accidents shows that in just over 90% of cases*, one of the causes may be a human factor: excessive or inappropriate speed; driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication; loss of concentration whilst driving. 

We are developing a strategy of prevention and action to provide solutions and make travelling safer.

*sources: French road safety 2022
3 innovations to assist drivers

Our highly pragmatic approach is to put in place a kind of “guardian angel” to help drivers to drive more safely. There are three levels of action:
Detect and inform
The Safety Score analyses driving data to encourage safer driving.
The Safety Coach informs the driver about potential risks on the journey in real time.
The Safe Guardian can slow the vehicle down and keep it safe in case of a risk.

safety score

Research and development - Renault
personalised tips
The Safety Score analyses driving behaviour based on data from the vehicle’s sensors. Designed in partnership with French driving schools, it will soon give relevant advice to each driver based on four criteria: 
  • Safe speed
  • Safe trajectory
  • Safe distance
  • Safe vigilance
Safe speed
The front camera detects speed signs: the information obtained is combined with that from local maps (via GPS).
Safe trajectory
The front camera detects road markings. The system then identifies - amongst other things - lane departures, as well as detecting lateral and longitudinal acceleration and providing information about driving style.     
Safe distance
The distance between the vehicle and the one in front is measured by the front camera or the onboard sensors. The correct stopping distance is calculated instantaneously.
Safe vigilence
An interior camera (or steering wheel movement analysis) detects how alert or tired the driver is. A front camera records stops at stop signs and red lights.     

safe coach

Research and development - Renault
customised driving advice
The Safety Coach offers advice that takes into account the main risk indicators identified during driving. The idea is to encourage the driver to drive more safely.
risks visualised

By combining mapping and the navigation system, the driver will know in real time when they are approaching high-risk areas. This will make them drive more carefully.
The recommendations given to the driver will take into account the scores obtained from the safe speed, safe distance, safe trajectory and safe vigilance criteria.     
For optimum efficiency, the advice issued by the Safety Coach will be highly practical. For example:
  • to boost the Safe Speed criterion,
    use the speed limiter
  • to optimise the Safe Vigilance criterion,
    use the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Centering 
      The Safety Coach will go so far as to reward drivers who “play the game” by encouraging them, for example, to sign up for connected insurance offers, or to get discounts on partner products.