safety score & safety coach

awarded the 2024 Prix Innovation Sécurité Routière

safety score

safety score - Renault
personalised driving assessment
During trips, safety score assists the driver by assessing data pertaining to speed, trajectory and safe driving distances. 

Upon arrival, it displays a score, from 0 to 100, and offers personalised tips to help you improve your driving and stay safe.

safety coach

Winner of the Prix Innovation Sécurité Routière, safety coach examines the root causes of road traffic accidents, such as excessive or inappropriate speed, distractions and disregard for safe distances and lane markings.
prevent accidents
safety coach - Renault
prevent the leading causes of accidents
Already available in several Renault vehicles*, safety coach is a built-in service designed to improve the driving habits that are often the cause of serious road accidents.     
*available on Scenic E-Tech 100% electric, Renault 5 E-Tech 100% electric, Rafale E-Tech full hybrid, Captur E-Tech full hybrid and Symbioz E-Tech full hybrid. (to be localised)
a personalised analysis
safety coach - Renault
a personalised analysis
By utilising the vehicle’s sensors, safety coach harnesses artificial intelligence to assess in real-time the risks faced by the driver, based on: 
- the vehicle’s speed,
- stopping distances,
- trajectory management and lane changes.